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Thursday, October 18, 2012

20 Year High School Reunion

20 year high school reunion


The Page. At the end of September I flew to Miami for my 20th high school reunion. I didn't realize, until I got there, how exciting it would be to see everyone. I am so glad I went! Remarkably, everyone was so busy chatting there were very few photos of the event. What you see on the layout above it pretty much what I got that evening (and two of them aren't mine. I got them off of Facebook.


20 year high school reunion20 year high school reunion


The process. This is a pretty straightforward layout. It isn't one of my favorites in terms of layout and embellishments but the subject makes me happy. Again, we have a case of "get 'er done." I was skeptical of the metallic embellishments in last month's SC kit but they found a home on this layout and won me over.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Things I Love : Textures

TIL Textures

Back in May, Thierry's travel points got us a weekend in Chicago's Waldorf Astoria. A stay at a 5-star hotel is totally my idea of fun - I love a perfectly made bed and admiring all the details that go into designing a space - so I was excited for this getaway. En plus, it was our first weekend sans enfants since moving to DC last year.

Two things stood out the most. First, all of the textures - marble, crystal, mirror! I love how the swirl-y pattern was repeated throughout the entire hotel (even the moulding!). Have a look :

TIL Textures

TIL Textures

The second thing that made this stay top-notch was that we had a driver. A driver! I don't mean to be showy, but I've stayed in nice hotels before and have never had a driver. With all the driving around that I do in DC, having one for the weekend was the epitome of luxury to me! 

TIL Textures

There you have it. Three cheers for weekend getaways spent hanging out with family (siblings pictured above) in fancy surroundings. Am I alone in thinking that this is big fun?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012



We're home. And unpacked! I love getting home. The kids are busy re-discovering their toys while Thierry and I tackle massive amounts of yard work. Jet-lag feels so much easier to deal with in this direction. We are still waking up earlier than usual which makes for very productive days. Now, I want to select my favorite photos from the past six weeks and remember all the great times we had before moving on to the last three weeks of summer.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Go West, Young Man


Tomorrow morning (at four thirty a.m. to be exact!) we are headed back to DC. As always I can't sleep before a big trip but I'm signing off and hope we have a safe trip home!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

La Ville Rose

Ville Rose

Home is so many places. We're home now - most of us anyway. And I'm so happy. The boys are delighted to be back in France with their grandparents and their old friends. Thierry is delighted to be home. To see his old colleagues. And eat the things that only French people know how to make taste so damn good. I just recently started getting used to living back in the states so I wasn't sure how my homecoming was going to play out. Because even though I'm not French, so many things in Toulouse feel like home to me. Like our friends. And our family. And the grocery store. 

We've spent the last two weeks in Toulouse while Thierry wraps up work. It's been endless dinners and lunches and brunches - an overall excellent time. Even if the weather hasn't been stellar, reconnecting with family and friends feels so good it would be foolish to complain. Tomorrow Thierry will be on vacation and so we're off for a week-long family reunion in Ardeche. With zero internet connection (except maybe at the library). That always seems scary to me, but once I'm disconnected it's all good!

Hope everyone is having an awesome summer.


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