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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

About The Juice


I grew up (in Miami). 
I spent (summers in Panama).
I got a degree in Fine Arts (in Colorado).
I moved (to Washington DC).
I moved (to Costa Rica).
I moved back (to Miami Beach).
I worked (in advertising).
I won (a tiny bit of recognition).
I met Thierry (at my neighbor's pajama party).
I married (Thierry). 
We quit (our jobs). 
We moved (to France). 
I became (a housewife). 
We had (a child in 2004).
I started teaching (scrapbook classes).
I created (this blog).
We had (a second son in 2006).
We had (our third son in 2010).
We moved to Washington DC (in August 2011). 

So far life is exactly what I expected.

Thank you for your visit. Feel free to comment or write me an e-mail. I'd love to hear from you (unless you are the creepy type).


  • I am Denise Laborde and this is my blog. On here I write about my life as an expat, wife, mother and creative type. Occasionally I post about people, places or things that inspire me. Want to know more? Go here. Thanks for visiting.

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