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Thursday, July 12, 2012

La Ville Rose

Ville Rose

Home is so many places. We're home now - most of us anyway. And I'm so happy. The boys are delighted to be back in France with their grandparents and their old friends. Thierry is delighted to be home. To see his old colleagues. And eat the things that only French people know how to make taste so damn good. I just recently started getting used to living back in the states so I wasn't sure how my homecoming was going to play out. Because even though I'm not French, so many things in Toulouse feel like home to me. Like our friends. And our family. And the grocery store. 

We've spent the last two weeks in Toulouse while Thierry wraps up work. It's been endless dinners and lunches and brunches - an overall excellent time. Even if the weather hasn't been stellar, reconnecting with family and friends feels so good it would be foolish to complain. Tomorrow Thierry will be on vacation and so we're off for a week-long family reunion in Ardeche. With zero internet connection (except maybe at the library). That always seems scary to me, but once I'm disconnected it's all good!

Hope everyone is having an awesome summer.


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I'm so glad for you guys! Have a blast! Go, Team Laborde!

Good for you that you were able to enjoy Toulouse one more time! You're right, home can be so many places. Have a great summer!!!

Merci les filles!

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