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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Read This | A Layout

Read This | A Layout

THE STORY is a simple one. Andrea reads and I love that about him. I also love this photo of him reading. Last week I was on a roll and made three layouts in one day. This is one of them.Read This | A Layout

THE PROCESS The patterned paper does the heavy lifting. A few stickers and a rub-on, to decorate the place, and some journaling (where I go on some more about reading, Andrea and me). Another pretty simple page as far as pages go.


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J'aime beaucoup cette page ! :)

Merci Fabienne!

Elle est géniale cette page et elle m'a inspirée pour un sujet sur lequel je coinçais depuis longtemps ..j'avais ce papier au fond de mes tiroirs ..un grand merci !

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