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Friday, March 09, 2012

Ol' Girl : Six Months

It's been six months since we moved in and we are definitely settled. Things are pretty much the same as they were a few months ago. A few things I notice while looking at these photos of Ol' Girl : Photographing interiors is no simple task. On camera my walls look a little empty. The kitchen shelves could use some styling. I'd like to paint the couch legs. (I saw this idea on Young House Love and I like it!) I could be here until tomorrow describing everything still left to do but I said I was going to post photos so here they are! I love this house and love that we get to live in it! Happy Friday.


Ol' Girl : Six Months Ol' Girl : Six Months Ol' Girl : Six Months Ol' Girl : Six Months


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Une bien jolie maison! Il n'y a pas grand-chose à ajouter... Je suis sûre que vous y êtes très heureux! Bises

Merci Pascale! C'est peut être du à mon caractère mais je vois toujours ou je peut amélioré les choses ;) J'espère que tu vas bien et suis contente de ton passage par ici! Bises, D

Den, I LOVE your house. The rug in the living room is GORGEOUS. Ive been updating here and there too. My challenge is that my house is TINY, and we have three kids. I am constantly trying to find solutions for effectively storing Barbies and Board books to avoid messes.

I found that if you have extra empty shelves, I find a pretty basket to store things and it doesnt look bad. Also, I got some plate stands and some pretty white and blue china collectibles and put them in shelves in the emptier areas. It looks nice and adds a pop of color. ENJOY your house. Its LOVELY.

Thanks Made! We lived in a much smaller space until this move and that has its challenges w small kids. I've always managed to have a dedicated playroom (in our old house it was a tv/playroom/guest room/home office!) so I can close the door and pretend the toy explosion doesn't exist. I love baskets and the idea of having nice ones around for quick pick-ups.

The living room rug is from Overstock. It's 9x12 and was under $400 which is reasonable for it's size! Also, not being a high end rug makes me much more relaxed about having red wine spilled on it. (True story!)

I love those stuff that you have and also those pleading lines that you tagged in. It made it more interesting.

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