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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Things I Love : Colors on Canvas

TIL : Redon's Pandora

TIL : Redon's Pandora

This week my mother-in-law and I visited one part of the National Gallery of Art. This painting, by French symbolist painter Odilon Redon, inspires me. Overall the piece is soothing and pleasant to look at but it is the abundance of color crammed into the bottom left part of the canvas that fascinates me.

Isn't is amazing how that works? I know being inspired by a painting isn't out of the ordinary but I keep coming back to look at those colors! It seems like perfection to me. What's the last thing that fascinated you?

Happy Sunday!


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Your blog fascinates me! Here I am... Saturday morning... suffering from Facebook withdrawal so I decided to go to my bookmarks of favorites and visit all the blogs I used to follow regularly but hadn't in a while. LOVE your pictures, your voice in your writing, your stylish home, your talent for capturing sweet memories.

Thanks so much Mary! I had forgotten about your lent project. Glad it's giving you time to do things like visit my blog ;-) Bises, D

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