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Friday, January 20, 2012

How I Did It : Handwritten Text on Cardstock


Hey, it's Friday! I'm pretty excited because it's freezing here which means I'll probably spend a lot of time in my studio scrapbooking or painting this weekend.

Yesterday I put together this layout. I intended to print the journaling onto cardstock but accidentally closed the PS file without saving. Instead of re-typing it I decided on Plan B - handwriting the journaling. This is how I did it:


1. I already knew where I wanted the text so I put all the elements of the page together and left the writing for last.


2. When I was ready to write, I made light guides with my pencil and ruler and made sure to make margins too.


3. Sometimes, I write a first draft in pencil, but I had already typed my thoughts out once (and lost them) so I was ready to write it out with my black pen.


4. After waiting for the ink to dry, I erased the pencil lines. Presto! 

It's funny how my desire for perfection varies. Most times I would have simply handwritten on a layout without making guides with my pencil. Yesterday, I wanted to try and keep things neat because my original plan included typed text. Lucky for me, I chose to just go with this quick solution. Sometimes that is the difference between getting it perfect and getting it done!

What about you? Do you change your course of action mid-layout if you run into a problem? Or do you rather get things exactly as planned? Does time play a role in your decision?


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Great LO!!

I never do things as planned hehehe

Hi Mariangeles, 
Thank you! Funny how we have our way of doing things. Even though I always start with a plan, it rarely ends up exactly how I imagined. The process is what I like most.

Hi Denise, This is a good solution ... because you have a beautiful handwriting! This is not the case for me...
Je fais souvent les choses au feeling en ce qui me concerne...

I always go with the flow and rarely ends up with what was initially planned...but I like it!

Me too, Florence! It's mostly about the process for me. 


C'est très beau ! et j'aime ces photos, ce sont vraiment des photos de scrappeuse... bisous, laurence.

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