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Friday, June 24, 2011

A layout : This Is Us Now


New. If you scrapbook and live in France, you've probably already heard about the two new collections Kesi'art released this week. They are a reminder of why I like this brand so much - cool graphic patterns and fresh color palettes.

The Layout. When I saw that the paper Caracas has a beautiful aqua map of the world on one side (with Washington DC clearly marked on the top left!), I knew I wanted to make a layout about our move. One of the clocks on the Rome paper has the Washington time zone. I totally feel like this story is dying to be told.


I punched out a circle within a circle and made a mini banner using the orange side of the Rome paper to highlight the two places on the layout where it says Washington DC.

The lovely 20 septembre 1956 paper from the Anachronisme collection that is full of nice sentiments typed out into strips. I added one along the top edge of the photos.


The Photos were taken during a Sunday stroll through downtown Toulouse. I used Pioneer Woman's actions before printing them onto photo paper. 

The Journaling. I wrapped my journaling around the outline of a circle in InDesign and printed onto Bazzill cardstock. Then I stuck a round On the Road Again Itinérance sticker inside the outlined circle near my journaling. And voila! That's my layout.

If you are looking for fun scrapbook challenges to do this weekend, check out Kesi'art's blog for the Move ton Body game and giveaway.

Have a nice weekend.


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just love you layout. I wanted to wish you all the best with your move. I hope you'll keep on blogging once your in the States.

This is such a fabulous layout- I added it to my Pinterest board. :)

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