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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Spring Break in Biarritz



This trip was extra special because it was just the five of us. Special, too, since we won't be back until summer 2012. (For the past seven years we've spent our summers in Biarritz, but this summer there's a new adventure in store for us.) So we took it all in and loved every minute.

There was a morning spent fishing for crabs (above) with friends at Port de Pêcheurs.
There were warm baguettes from our favorite baker and brotherly breakfasts gathered around the little yellow table in the kitchen.


There were long walks with vast ocean views and visits to every beach in town.



There were visits to museums and neighborhood parks.
There was ice cream and a picnic at Place St Eugenie.

IMG_8895 SpringBreakBia04 SpringBreakBia15

There was quiet time for napping, resting and playing.
(And time for checking news on the internet.)

SpringBreakBia03 copy SpringBreakBia06 SpringBreakBia16

There was lunch and dinner and conversation with friends.
There was all of that. And lots of happiness. 

(All photos by Thierry and me. I applied the Seventies action from The Pioneer Woman's Action Set. Try it, it's free!)


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Love the pics! Sounds like my favorite kind of vacay. Enjoy!

Ces photos sont vraiment superbes. Lucien a bien grandi. C'est désormais un vrai petit garçon.

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