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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mini Book :: Favorite Photos


Looking through my mini books, I came across one from 2008 which houses a collection of some of my favorite photos. I like the definition on the 7gypsies sticker (above). A visual record of a moment in time. I spent some time looking at each photo and thinking about why it is a favorite. 


The opening page. Top: a candid photo from our wedding celebration. Our friends had just finished singing us a song - they changed the lyrics to fit our story. Bottom: Thierry reads a book to Andrea. Andrea looks into the camera.

Andrea looking at the images while listening to the Peter & The Wolf record in Biarritz. This photo is special for so many reasons. I love that he is interested in listening to stories and I love that this is the same record and story book Thierry listened to as a young boy.

Some photos I've tricked out in Photoshop. Some photos I staged, some are candid. Some photos are blurry or poorly composed. But what they all have in common is that they take me back to a moment in time. That's what makes them favorites.

What makes a photo your favorite? I'd love to know.

You can see the rest of my favorite photos in this mini book here.


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Que de souvenirs pour moi, c'était mon entrée dans le scrap. Je l'adore aussi, c'était les photos de baptême de Gaëtan. bisous. Isa.

j'aime bcp

A photo that tels a story, reminds me an emotion, a unique moment, something I would like to remember forever...these are my favorite photos!
I like your work because you clearly put your soul in it.
Thanks for sharing.

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