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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

December Daily : Cover & What I learned


I will definitely create one of these month-at-a-glance projects again. For me, the key was to keep it as simple as possible in order make it to the 25th. Here are the things I learned along the way:

1. Having the layout decided and the foundation built ahead of time worked in my favor.

2. When in doubt, improvise. When I sat down to finish my album, there were two days (15 and 21) for which I hadn't printed a photo. I decided I needed to wrap up this project right away or suffer the consequence of never finishing :


Instead I painted in the designated space with watercolors. I like the result of finding something unexpected in the album:


3. I learned this time around that the Notes app on my iPhone is where most of my journaling takes place. Handwriting that text took time and added an unnecessary step.

Next time

These are a few things I will do differently next time :

1. I like Ali's idea of including a note for each child in the album.

2. I will set up a foundation where I can simply import my text digitally. And add handwritten thoughts directly onto my photos (something I am tempted to do on this album if I decide to go back to it).

That is about it for me. I must admit I feel proud to have seen this project through to the end.


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DD is a really nice project : I enjoyed myself to do mine, and I'm agree with you : it's better when the layouts are defined.

I love your DD. It still have to finish mine and this year I will surely change somethings to make it easier. Scrapping everyday with a part time job and 4 kids isn't that simple, but I love the concept.

I'm impressed! Congrats on finishing "on time" And good of you to share your experiences too. I will definitely join next year (or this year! Wow!) and I think keeping it simple will help me to finish it off also. Thanks for sharing! And a happy new year to you and your cute guys!

Thank you, Annika. Simple was definitely key for me. Happy New Year!

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